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In a few words,
Our vineyard covers 8.2 acres of Chardonnay on the villages of Viré and Montbellet divided into 23 plots (parcels) and in three appellations; Viré-Clessé (5.7 ha), Mâcon-Villages (2 ha) and Mason (0.5 ha).
We are vinegrowers from father to son for three generations. The domain has been certified organic agriculture in 2006 (launched in 2003). The estate vineyards have always been ploughed without ever seeing synthetic herbicide. Our old vines aged 50 to 100 years represent 75% of the vineyards.

Wine from our grapes is natural and the harvest is manual, this for the pleasure of your senses.
Our style of wines is not ripe as can often be seen in the Viré – Clessé, we like the mineral expression of our terroir in our wines bouquet and the balance, purity, salinity and precision in their mouths.

The field produces about 45 000 bottles per year spread over 10 vintages including 6 plots (parcels).

This family estate was founded in 1967 by my parents Josette and Jean -Noël, we kept the soils, the wines of origin and the corresponding labels.