Our Terroirs

Our southeast- facing slopes are located in the heart of the Mâconnais region in Southern Burgundy, and benefit from the microclimate of the Saône River Valley.

Our marl and limestone soils were mainly formed from the breaking down of limestone rock containing ooliths from the Bathonian period.

Most of our vineyards are planted mid-slope in a variety of terroirs stretching from south of the village of Viré to “Thurissey”, a hamlet of the village of Montbellet.

The average age of our vines is 50 years. We use Massale Selection to ensure the genetic diversity of our plantations.

Our Wines

The Domaine produces an average of 50,000 bottles per year, including 6 individual cuvée wines made from plots in Viré-Clesse, a Mâcon-Villages, a Bourgogne red, a Mâcon-Burgy red, and white and rosé sparkling wines made according to the méthode champenoise or traditional method.

We also make several types of Burgundian eaux-de-vie, Marc and Fine de Bourgogne. Our wines are matured in vats or oak barrels for periods between 10 to 24 months.

Our vinification uses indigenous yeast, which highlights our terroirs and is a long-standing Burgundian tradition.

Our aim is to express the minerality of our wines, as well as balance, structure, purity, salinity, silkiness, a hint of butteriness, a touch of sapidity…and much more!

Our wines have a variety of storage times. A Mâcon wine can be drunk young, while our Viré-Clessé Parcellaire wines can be aged in your cellar for several years.

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